Kamuynomi, Icharpa Ceremony for the 12 Repatriated Ainu Ancestral Remains.

This summer, 12 repatriated ancestral remains will come home 81-85 years after being removed without permission from their graves by anatomists of Hokkaido University. Kotan_no_Kai, a local Ainu NGO which has been designated to receive the remains, will conduct a ceremony in the Ainu way. We welcome your attendance.

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Press release June 8, 2016 (Japanese only)
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About the Trial

In 2012, three Ainu individuals living in Urakawa filed suit against Hokkaido University in order to attain repatriation of their ancestor’s remains and associated burial items. Three years later, reconciliation was reached between the two parties, with Hokkaido University to restore the remains to the plaintiffs this summer.


July 15, Friday Kamuynomi


July 16, Saturday Kamuynomi, Speech


July 17, Sunday Kamuynomi, Reburial, Erection of Kuwa (gravepost) 



VENUE: Kineusu Community Hall 

Kineusu 515, Urakawa-cho, Hokkaido, Japan.


About Kotan_No_Kai

The NGO Kotan no Kai was established in December, 2015. Some 20 Hidaka Ainu people belong to the group. They will receive the ancestral remains in their traditional way.  


We are receiving donations for costs associated with the dignified reburial and memorial of the ancestral remains.

Donations will be used for

(1) Ceremonies conducted in the Ainu way.

(2) Erection of a historical monument.


Donations can also be made via the Internet.